The P Shot, more appropriately known as the Priapus Shot, is a new and specific method for the rejuvenation, recovery and overall enhancement of the penis. The name comes from the Greek god of fertility, Priapus, and claims that it will help your patients get the penis that they have always dreamed of. Many people are providing such services, but the P Shot is unique in its efficacy; the distribution of such an incredible drug is, as such, only possible by a number of trusted and skilled physicians who are licensed to use the Priapus Shot name.

This revolutionary treatment was developed based on the theory that, if lips could be injected in order to fill them out and make them larger and more shapely, why could the same not be done with the penis as well?


Some such services will make use of hyaluronic fillers—such as Restylane and Juvederm—to improve the size and shape of the region in question. However, there are a number of reasons as to why these products really were not suitable for the development of a penis enhancement drug, including the following:

  • Skin necrosis (where the skin dies and turns black) is common when using some hyaluronic acid fillers, especially when these are injected into the forehead. Thusly, there really needs to be no explaining why using hyaluronic acid fillers would potentially pose a risk when injected into the penis.
  • Nodule formation is a rare occurrence; however, it is on the rise, and approximately one in 10,000 people experience such side effects. This would never be suitable for a penis, of course.

Because of these two significant concerns surrounding the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, it was clear to the team behind the P Shot that different filling materials needed to be found. These filling materials would instead need to be able to give a smooth, clean, and—most importantly—natural finish.

How It Works

The P Shot is an injectable solution which uses platelet-derived growth factors (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, herein referred to as PRP) in order to enhance the size and shape of a patient’s penis. The use of platelet-rich plasma—extracted from the patient’s own bloodstream—means that allergic reactions are impossible if the injection is handled in aseptic conditions. In addition, because the platelets are not a foreign body, there will be no lumpiness and minimal bruising!

Blood is taken from the patient’s arm, and this blood is then spun in a centrifuge so as to separate the blood and the plasma. This plasma can then be used to inject into the penis.

The injection of PRP works to encourage and stimulate the penis to grow; unlike fillers, this method actually changes the shape of the penis so that it is naturally larger and girthier. This stimulation is achieved through the effects of unipotent stem cells. Additionally, new blood vessels form during the process, which helps to further increase and stimulate blood flow to the penis.


There are many benefits to using the P Shot injection instead of trying to have traditional fillers injected into the penis. Because of the nature of the platelets as being native to the person’s body, allergic reactions will not be triggered; in addition to this, the lumpiness is nonexistent and bruising is minimal at most. The procedure is also less invasive and will not hinder the patient’s movement, as other filling procedures may have done.

The incredible benefits of using PRP are clear to see. The injection of such a fluid has been known to help with the fading and even the full healing of scar tissue which may have otherwise been deemed untreatable. In addition to this, the general healing process of wounds after a Hyaluronic Acid filler was used was far, far faster when PHP was also given in the same site. In fact, research conducted into the substance has shown the effects of PRFM result in tissue growth and repair—exactly what you need for a larger and girthier penis!

Patients in a study group found that results were seen immediately after the injection, and though these results then faded over the following days, the tissue was almost exactly the same size again by the 12th week as it had been when it had started! This sort of technology has been suggested and used as far back as an article in 2003, wherein it was proven to harden the erectile functions of rats and preserve nerve tissue in the penis for patients.

Possible Side Effects

One of the many benefits of using the P Shot is that the treatment does not have any known severe side effects, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the size and girth of their penis. Allergic reactions are not possible as the platelet-rich plasma comes from the patient’s own body. In addition, tests have found no evidence of the formation of lumps after injection and bruising is, at most, minimal.

One thing that should be noted, though, is that the P Shot cannot be used for smokers. This is because the toxins found in cigarette smoke actually destroy the growth factors in the P Shot, rendering it almost useless for smokers.

In Summary

The P Shot is an innovative treatment plan that allows people to enhance the size of their penis without fear of suffering from an allergic reaction. Unlike some other filler substances, the platelet based treatment will not cause skin necrosis, lumpiness, or excessive bruising. This makes the P Shot an excellent choice of treatment for people who find that they want to improve and increase the size and shape of their penis through a non-invasive and (almost) painless method. The injection is made after a number of creams are applied to the penis, making this one of the most comfortable penis enlargement procedures possible.

The P Shot helps to make the penis larger, stronger, and straighter, while also increasing the circulation through the formulation of new blood vessels in the penis. This, in turn, will help to increase the sensation in the penis.